Holyrood Cooperative Playschool

Learning through play

One of the playschool philosophies is learning through play. The focus on play helps to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills that will set the children on a path for successful entry into kindergarten.

Learning through community

An exciting component of the playschool is that children attend various community field trips throughout the year, like exploring nature, trying out yoga and gymnastics, and attending children's theatre performances!

Parent cooperative

As a parent cooperative, parents help in the classroom throughout the year, assist with toy cleaning, and take on a specific duty, such as laundry helper, field trip planner, or treasurer. They are also encouraged to attend Board Meetings!

About Us


A message from our teacher: Ms. Brenda

It never occurred to me that I would become passionate about early childhood development. Motherhood, to my surprise, led me to my newest passion, teaching young children. While watching two out of three of my children flourish during their years at this precious school, I came to know what a special place Holyrood Cooperative Play School is. I wanted to be a part of it and share in the community at HCPS. A passion of mine is community, I love getting to know the people that live the closest to me; thus, I am excited to get to know the families at HCPS.

My main goal in the classroom is not only to provide a safe, loving environment for the children, but to also enrich their lives with learning while having fun and through play. I became a teacher because I love kids! I love to create and explore, to learn new things and have fun!

I look forward to teaching with Ms. Judith at Holyrood Cooperative Play School.

A message from our teacher's assistant: Ms. Judith

I am very happy and excited to be back at Holyrood Playschool, not as a parent volunteer, but as a teacher’s assistant working alongside Ms. Brenda. Watching my children grow and develop through this stage in life was a blessing and now being able to be a part of that same growth with your children is truly a gift.

Let me talk a little bit about me, so you can get to know me. I am originally from a small city in Central Mexico, and I immigrated to Canada 11 years ago to be with my now husband. We have two beautiful children: Lola, my oldest, is 8 and Eland just turned 7. They both attend the French immersion program at Holyrood School.

I started volunteering at playschools and then kindergartens 5 years ago when Lola started her journey through the education system. I have since seen both my children through early childhood development. Over the years, I have been working on my own personal development, achieving certifications in many areas of child development. Some of the certificates I have acquired are Listening and Behavior, Self Regulation, and Supporting Children and Adolescence with ADHD. I am currently working on my Child Care Orientation Certificate.

When I am not here at HCPS, I work as a lunch room supervisor for Holyrood school. I am an active volunteer within my community. I spend the summer months with my family at our cabin in Seba Beach and we love going camping and floating down the Pembina River. In the winter time, my favorite activities are cross country skiing and ice fishing.

I cannot wait to help start the Holyrood Playschool children on the exciting adventure of learning and growth that lays ahead of us this school year.

The Holyrood Cooperative Playschool Board is comprised of the following positions represented by parents:

  • Co-Director, Licensing and Community League Liaison
  • Co-Director, Program Operations Manager
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Newsletter Editor/Communications
  • Fundraising Chair

  • The first class for the playschool was held in Strathearn school in 1975 and then moved to the basement of the Strathearn United Church.
  • In 1987, the Strathearn preschool became Holyrood preschool and moved to the Holyrood Community League Building.
  • Until 2000 the playschool was organized as the ‘Holyrood Preschool Association’, a separate organization that rented space from the community league to operate.
  • In 2000, the preschool was disbanded and not revived until 2003 when a group of parents came together to form the Holyrood Cooperative Play School (HCPS), as it is known today!
  • In 2004 the playschool offered two program – one for 2/3 year olds and one for 4/5 year olds. By 2008 the program offered a mixed ages class for ages 3-5, incorporated French language introduction to naturally support transition to the French program at Holyrood Elementary; and offered a part-time and full-time program (2 or 3 days a week). Currently the program is offered to families in the Holyrood and surrounding communities (when space is available), on a part-time (2 days) and full-time (3 days) basis. Though the emphasis has shifted away from a focus on early French language development, our teachers provide our young minds with a basic introduction to French that will stick with them for a lifetime!

Our Program


The Holyrood Cooperative Playschool is a program of the Holyrood Community League. As a cooperative run by parent volunteers, we employ a teacher and a teacher’s assistant, have a Board or Directors and rely on parents to help with other duties to ensure the playschool is run efficiently and effectively!

The program is for children ages 3-5 years (must be age 3 on Dec 31 of the school year), and runs out of the Holyrood Community League building located at 9411-Holyrood Road (81 St and 95 Ave) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00am to 11:15am. Full-time and part-time attendance options are available.

The goal of the program is to provide your child with a positive environment that allows him/her to have fun, to play and through play develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills that will be set them on a path for successful entry into kindergarten. A unique component of our playschool is that children are exposed to a basic introduction to French language.

We value:

  • A playschool in our community where families connect and support one another to raise resilient children
  • Mixed age group classroom setting
  • Basic Introduction to French language
  • Flexible choice for program days (2 or 3 days a week)
  • Family celebrations throughout the school year
  • Field trips (5 per year)
  • A focus on learning through play
  • Child-centered approach in all aspects of programming
  • The right mix of early childhood development activities balances with some kindergarten readiness



Each day typically begins with the reading corner, journals or letters, and the calendar! The focus on play helps to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills that will be set the children on a path for successful entry into kindergarten.

The playschool organizes up to 5 fieldtrips a year for the students, with parent volunteers assisting on the day. Experiences have included trips to the Edmonton Zoo, gymnastics, John Walter Museum, and Marine Life at West Edmonton Mall.

Children get to play at new centres daily where they learn to share, play and clean-up! They also get to explore their creative side through crafts that relate to the monthly themes.

Each month focuses on a different theme and learning objectives. Themes have included seasons, friendship, cooperation, fairy tales, opposites etc.

The playschool endeavours to have the children play outside regularly (weather dependent) including tobogganing and other fun snow activities, as well as regular use of the Holyrood playground.

There are numerous family events organized throughout the year that allow parents, siblings, grandparents and others to celebrate with the children, including Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events.

An exciting component of the playschool is that they receive a basic introduction to French language. Children learn basic French skills like counting and naming months of the year, which may build the framework for later French learning.




Registration Options


It is registration time for the 2019/20 school year! We will be accepting registrations starting on Feb. 1, 2019. Come visit our Open House, Wednesday, February 20th from 6:30 - 7:30pm.

Please contact the Registrar for more information.

  • Feb. 1, 2019
  • for 2019/2020 school year
  • Enrolment Handbook coming soon
  • Registration Form coming soon
  • 90.00
  • per month
  • 09:00 - 11:15
  • Two set mornings per week
  • $120.00
  • per month
  • 09:00 - 11:15
  • Three mornings per week

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